Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Aerobics classes

Here is my regular schedule in the summer session:
The classes are taught in YMCA downtown

Monday - 5.30pm/17h30 "All levels" step

Tuesday - 5.30pm/17h30 Spinning

Wednesday - 12.10pm/12h10 "Intermediate" step (I alternate with another teacher)
My dates in the autumn session: Oct 13rd, Oct 20th, Nov 10th, Nov 24th, Dec 8th;

Here's the YMCA's website (where i teach is YMCA downtown, Stanley Street)

During the autumn session I'm replacing one of my collegue, because he injured himself. This classn is also at Y downtown:

Monday - 12.05pm "Advanced" step

Introducing myself

I'm Gabi 26 years old. Aerobics instructor and personal trainer.

I've been living in Montreal, Canada since January 2009. But I'm originally from Hungary. I did all of my certifications in Budapest, Hungary between 2004 and 2008.

I left a good career behind for my love. But I'm sure I can find my way here as well.

My first step was being volunteer at YMCA downtown. Now I'm working there for 4 months. I'm giving step (really dance based, that's the European style), spinning, aero capoeira (I would say similar to kickbox, I brought it from Hungary).
I also already gave some replacements in Energie Cardio and other YMCAs.

I can say proudly I'm getting better (the first difficulty was the language, even though my English is not bad but using fitness terminology on an aerobics class that's another story :), otherwise here's the French issue, I have to work on it!).

YMCA gave me a pretty good opportunity! The management, the staff is friendly and helpful. I think I found a good community where I'm accepted and supported.

Thanks to my efforts I was offerred to take the YMCA F.I.T test. So now I'm studying again and I can get a Canadian Fitness Certification. That's a good start, isn't it? :))

And there's the personal training. I have some clients here who could achive their goals thanks to the hard work. They improved a lot and I'm proud of them! It's a good feeling if I can give a blast to people that changes their life!

Now let's see why I'm doing a blog.

Because I would like to help you, guys! No matter if you want to do one on one training or you're more interested in group fitness.

I'll make different topics like what kind of training fits to your personality, which class should choose (depens on your goals), why more efficient working with PT (personal trainer) than by yourself. These are just a few opitions. If you have any question just send a comment and I'll make a topic.

On the other hand I'm making this blog because many participants often come to me after the class and they want to know when and where I give my classes. I'll make my schedule as well and if you like my classes you can follow them (I'll keep it updated).

I'm also planning to put some pics about me on the blog. But please give me a little time.

So guys! I always say "Don't be shy!" Ask if you want to improve your fitness level no matter how old you are, what your gender is. Never too late to change!