Friday, December 3, 2010

With or without Personal Trainer?

If you just bought your first membership in a gym but you have never trained by yourself I definitely say "with Personal Trainer"

Or you train for years and know everything about workout but get bored of your routine you need new influence, you want to feel being pushed by someone. I also can help!

If you are a keen beginner a Personal Trainer (PT) can help keeping up your enthusiasm and you become committed to training.

PT not just shows how to use machines, free weights and other equipments (you might not know what the hell they are :D) but also helps to reach your goals, encourages and supports you even if you feel it's not your day.

A good trainer gives a blast and pushes you but also sees your boundaries, doesn't let you keep doing something if she/he feels it's not appropriate or dangerous for you.

And PT also can give you good advices how frequent, how long you should train or what to eat. For me these are obvious but I remember when I just started doing workout I was completely lost!

So PT has a complex job:

- Creating a workout for client that is suitable (we cannot give the same training to a 60 kg girl how wants to loose some weight or a 85 kg guy who wants to build more muscles).

- Varied, enjoyable workout for each session avoiding of boredom.

- To keep up client's interest, to find an approachable goal

- Being sensitive of cliens' request but letting them know what has to be done even if it's not their favourite

- Dealing with clients' personality, not just their body

This is just the theory. In my next post I will write about who to start, how to choose your perfect trainer.

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