Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Session

I haven't written for a while, sorry about that!
Now it is time to make a post about my new Spring Session. I have new places, gyms. So you should take a look at those as well.
Otherwise I had to give up one of my favourite step class at YMCA, downtown. Even though I love the atmosphere at Y, the participants are great and anthusiastic, just check my Facebook! :))) But unfortunately this is a volunteer job and I cannot do it forever :( I wish I could though!!!
Now let's look forward:
The Spring Session starts on April 4th, Monday (somewhere a week before).
8.00 am-8.55 am: Cardio Latino (Jewish Y)
12.15 pm-1.00 pm: Aerobics with step (Aldred Gym)
1.15 pm-2.00 pm: Aerobics with step (Aldred Gym)
5.15 pm-6.00 pm: Aero Capoeira (Aldred Gym)
5.30 pm-6.30 pm: Aero Capoeira (M-fitness, St.Laurent)
12.15 pm-1.00 pm: Dance Step (YMCA, downtown) alternating with another teacher, exact dates later
5.30 pm-6.30 pm: Hard Core (M-fitness, St.Laurent)
9.00 am-10.00 am: Hot Iron (Flex Gym)
6.00 pm-7. pm: Spinning (YMCA-NDG)
7.15 pm-8.15 pm: Kickbox (YMCA-NDG) originally it's a Aero Capoeira class, but I can't use that name there
9.25 am-10.25 am: Toning (YMCA-NDG)
10.30 am-11.15 am: Spinning (YMCA-NDG)
No Classes, if I have replacements I'll keep them updated!
10.oo am-11.00 am: Spinning (M-fitness, Decarie)
And there are the gyms addresses and websites:
Aldred Gym:
Old Montreal, 507 Place'd Armes
H2Y 2W8
Jewish Y:
5400 Westbury Ave.
M-fitness (St.Laurent):
4200 St.Laurent Ave. Suite 300
Montreal, H2W 2R2
M-fitness (Decarie):
6900 Decarie, Suite 200 (in the Shopping Mall)
Montreal, H3X 2T8
Flex Gym:
1130 Dollard
LaSalle, H8N 2N6
4335 Hampton Street
Montreal, H4A 2L3
1440 Stanley
Montreal, H3A 1P7
I'll keep my schedule updated, I usually have some replacements as well somewhere else. So good to check my blog often :)


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