Friday, October 8, 2010


It's been for a while I haven't written anything. Sorry :)

But I have a good reason. I was studying so hard for the YMCA F.I.T test. So I did it :) It's just Level 1 though. Now I have to continue my studies . Level 2 is a really thin book I should be done soon.

Another course that I took is YogaFit. It was a really interesting theme, because I haven't done any body&mind course before. Yoga not only refreshes your body but also your mind. On the following week I was a bomb in a good meaning :) I think my participants were not too thankful, I killed them a little bit because I was full of energy!

Thanks God! My classes are almost always full even if it's a lunch time class :) And I've got some questions why don't I have more classes (I have 5 classes a week right now at Y downtown, so it's not enough hmmmm.... :D)

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