Sunday, November 7, 2010

My step

What is step? If you've been some aerobics class I am sure you've already tried stepping on a bench. The most popular step bench is built by Reebok. Actually that is my favourite brand :)

Where I come from we call it "dance step". Why? Because dance is really trendy all around Europe even if there's no step bench (it's called aero dance) but the style is the same. So this is the trend I've learnt from my teachers it was easy to adapt due to my dancing past.
Even though "Euro Step" term is more well known here in Canada, it is completely the same.
Many people afraid of this kind of class because they think it's too challanging. They even cannot dance how come would it be easier? My answer is everybody can learn it. It takes time though. But if we start from the basics nothing is impossible!
Right now I have an "all levels" class that is fully packed all the time. The participants willing to learn new movements they challange ourselves they try to be better. And thanks to their endurance they have been improving class by class. I'm so proud of them!
And I have 2 advanced classes they are just gorgeous!

So how a class goes?
1. Warm up (I can see so many teachers don't do an appropriate warm up, they start instantly with the first block,) But warm up is needed! We have to prepare the body for the workout. Especially if we have new participants how don't know anything about this kind of class. Warm up is a good opportunity to show what people can expect on a step class, increase the core body temperature, increase oxygen exchange, join mobility and muscle elasticity.

2. Action - We always built the routine up. It means we start with the basic steps (tap up, basic, knee ups, march) and the steps become more complicated. I always give options participants can stay at the easier, less challanging versions or can try the harder ones if they have been some of my classes before. Sometimes people stop thinking and try to follow all of my last steps. It's hard to explain them if they are not comfortable with turns (or anything else) they can do the simply version and next can try challange themselves more.
Another problem can be my dancing style. Yesss, I do love mambos, cha-chas, turns and anything that is dance. And participants are really afraid of this new thing. The athletic step is more common in Montreal, Canada. I hope I can bring a little spice in this industry. And if you feel my style is not your own, just do what you want! Bring you own style into the basic movement! Let's express yourself!

Benefits of cardio part: expansion of calories, increased levels of energy, decreased resting blood pressure, decreased heart rate at a sub-maximal level of work, improved stroke volume and cardiac output.

3. Cool down - Guys! Please stay for the cool down! Why? Because we have to calm our body down. Step is a good cardio class. Hearbeat goes up and works in fatburning zone and we sweat, good benefits!!!. But if we just cut the training without any cool down that is a big pressure for our heart even if we are in a good condition. During cool down the heartbeat goes down slowly (slowly that is the magic word!). The blood circulation keep flowing, if we just stop we can feel dizziness, maybe nausea. Decreased respiratory rates and blood pressure.

Some good advices how to do stepping:
1. Using proper shoes (stable sole, slight high-top to protect the ankle, light shoes weight is not required but really comfortable believe me!!!)
2. Putting the lowest level of the step bench (I got shocked when participants use a higher level it kills your knee guys!!!)
3. Stepping on the top with whole feet (when our heel swag from the edge of the step that is soo dangerous!)
4.Jumping all the time - regulate your body, try to forget the bad, old habits. Continuous jumps shorten your Achilles (same happens wearing high heals all day long) and feet problems are guaranteed.
5. Mopping the floor with your body after the class because you cannot leave the room on your own legs that is not a realistic GOAL! Better if you still can move your limbs after a step class :)

So why should we choose dance step? Our body become more coordinated and we learn new movements. We can express our feelings while we are dancing, yesss it's dancing! We can release the stress and also have some fun together! And if you want to shout because you're feeling so good go head there are no boundaries!

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